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Happy Birthday to the Boss!

We might be up to our eye balls in preparing Europe’s biggest B2B ticketing meeting, Ticketing Technology Forum, but that doesn’t mean we can’t drop everything for an afternoon to make sure that the boss has a special birthday treat!

Angelina always makes a real effort to make the team feel special on their birthdays (expect that one time, when she forgot Ian’s birthday… but he hardly ever mentions that anymore… at least not as often as he used to) so we decided to surprise her with a lovely high tea at Palm Court Pavillion in Worthing.

We know that Angelina has a real affection for cream tea served ‘properly’ on a high cake stand so we did some research and found somewhere that would do just that, candles and all.

She definitely had no idea that we were waiting in the cafe for her, and a lovely afternoon was had by all. As far as Mondays go, it was certainly the best in a while!

Happiest of birthdays to you Angelina, 21 again!

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