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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

Can you believe it’s that time of year again? A quick trip to the XP garage and a clumsy climb over the boxes to once again pull out the faithful tree to get our team in the festive mood…


We take Christmas very seriously here at XP; Christmas party is booked for next week, the team have been briefed on the secret Santa challenge, there’s talk of a quiz and the time just wouldn’t be right without an afternoon spent decorating the tree together.


After a quick discussion about how best to arrange the decorations (if you can call a firm ‘no, you’re doing it wrong get out of the way’ a discussion) the team set about hanging baubles and tinsel whilst enjoying a glass of prosecco.


Our CFO Josie helped out this year and found our Christmas turkey hat to be the most hilarious thing she’s seen in a long time (helped a lot by Daddy’s turkey impression… ‘gobble, gobble’).

There was also a very special angel atop the tree this year… and we think you’ll agree a very beautiful one.


How is your office getting in the spirit of Christmas? Send us a photo of your tree!

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