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Another XP Birthday!

What a week of celebration it’s turning out to be at XP HQ as today we celebrate the birthday of our founder and CEO, Ian.

(In)famously last year, Ian’s birthday went a little, let’s say, unnoticed and so this year we decided that he was deserving of a little more attention to celebrate being another year younger.

A picnic in the garden was the party of choice and the Storrington sun did not disappoint on such an important day. A feast of cheese, meats, olives and bread were laid out for the boss’ arrival outside and Granny Anne even made Ian’s childhood favourite butterfly cake.

Josie ensured that all the crisps and biscuits were thoroughly taste tested and delighted everyone with a display of gymnastic feats on the lawn.

A very happy birthday to you, boss… here’s to the big one next year!

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