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A treat for our feet!

Anyone who works in the event industry knows that us event professionals have developed a skill; ignore all physical pain whilst the event is running and just keep going!

This is all well and good for delivering successful events, but it tends to takes its toll after the fact – especially on feet.

So, after delivering the best Summit to date this week, today Angelina and Ian arranged for a very special pamper treat for Tamara and Lizzie in an effort to soothe their tired toes – a spa pedicure!

Neither Lizzie or Tamara had ever had a professional pedicure, so not only was it some very welcome therapy, it was also a first experience (can you tell they were a bit nervous?!).

After a lovely bubbly foot bath whilst relaxing in massage chairs, cuticles were tidied, dead skin was expertly removed (we won’t talk about how much there was), and sparkly polish was added just in time for Christmas.

How does your team relax after an event? Send us your ideas!

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