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SPEAKER PREVIEW: NV Arena to share insights at SME13

How do you market a new arena?

NV Arena, new home of SKN St Pölten sports club Austria opened last summer. Michael Hatz, Head of Marketing & Events Leader, Sportklub Niederösterreich St. Pölten, Austria will be sharing his experiences as NV Arena has set new standards in sustainable, family-friendly stadium design.

Built at a cost of €27.5m, the 8,000 capacity stadium features a cycle park (for over 500 bicycles) and a circular wooden roof, covered in 15,000m2 of photovoltaics (>300,000kWh per year) with rainwater harvesting.

The 800-seat family section has its own entrance, with children’s creche, pram storage, play areas and TV rooms.

M_HATZ_WEBAbout the speaker

Michael Hatz is a former professional football player. Michael now leads the sales and marketing for the NV Arena and SKN St Pölten.