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RIPPING YARNS: Heavy rainfall leaves Brazil stadium roof in tatters

Just when it looked like everything was at last under control in Brazil in readiness for the Confederation Cup which kicks off mid-June, another building disaster has struck, writes Mark Baber of Inside World Football.

A segment of the stadium roof of the recently completed Arena Fonte Nova in Salvador collapsed after overnight rain on Monday.

Helicopter video footage of the scene shows one of the segments of the tension fabric stadium roof completely collapsed, with over 20 workers on the roof using buckets to try and empty a swimming pool sized body of water from another of the segments.


The incident happened on the same day Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff, who had been present at the inaugural match at the stadium on April 7, praised her country’s preparations for the Confederations Cup saying: “I’m certain that Brazil will shine on and off the field.”

No official statement has been forthcoming regarding the potential loss of a Confederations Cup venue.

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